About “Keeping up with the Wangs”

I graduated from language school in China in 2011. I’m now living in America and struggling to keep my studies moving forward. What better way to stay motivated than blogging?

The name “Keeping up with the Wangs” is derived from the idiom “Keeping up with the Joneses,” a reference to pursuing material wealth in order to match or exceed the status of people around you. While “Jones” holds the #5 spot for most common names in the U.S., “Wang” is the undisputed king in China.

Of course, the purpose of this blog is not to keep up materially, but rather linguistically, with the Chinese population. Which, in my case, is a goal as lofty as a beggar in Times Square trying to surpass Bill Gates’ net worth.

This blog is dedicated to several aspects of learning:

  • Listening. Chinese audiobooks, here we come!
  • Reading. Novels and news sites and flashcards, oh my!
  • Writing. No harm in the occasional badly-written post in Chinese, right?
  • Media. From cartoons to comedies.
  • Tools. Both language-focused and culture-focused.
  • Chinese Culture. History. Tea. Calling it all “huge” would be an understatement.

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