Romans. In Chinese. No Verses.

“Wow. Now I’m really tired.”

That’s what’s in my head every time I finally reach a period while reading Chinese. Making sense of each individual sentence is exhausting.

If I’m trying to read more than one sentence, this is a bit of a problem. It’s even worse if I’m trying to work my way through a book as large as, say, the Chinese Bible. Or even just one book of the Bible. Like Romans.

Chinese Dynasties 2: 商 Shāng

While the 夏 Xià Dynasty roughly corresponds with Abraham and the patriarchs of Isarel, the 商 Shāng Dynasty roughly corresponds with Moses, running up to the time of David. According to Laszlo Montgomery of The China History Podcast, this dynasty was known for 4 accomplishments: Writing, social organization, bronze casting, and use of bronze weaponry. These make…